Birdman was recently named in a sexual assault case alongside Cash Money Records co-founder Ronald “Slim” Williams. The two were not directly involved in the incident. Their associate Alfred Cleveland has already been implicated in the crime and is currently serving time in prison for his part in the incident. But they are being targeted for creating the circumstances that permitted the sexual assault to take place.

According to Nicole Westmoreland, she was invited by Baby to make a business presentation at an event hosted by the label. At some point she went into a restroom, where she was assaulted by Cleveland and afterwards she was offered $100,000 to not report the assault to the police. She refused the money and claims that they attempted to intimidate her.  

“[They said] that if I didn’t drop it that they were going to kill me,” said Westmoreland in court. “I believe that Brian Williams and Ronald Williams had to know that the rapist was dangerous.”

Cash Money’s attorney Jim Cox has denied the victim’s claims and in an attempt to distance the label from liability, he asserted that Cleveland was just a friend, not an employee.

The victim sought treatment in a mental hospital after the sexual assault left her feeling suicidal. She is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

- By Kim Taylor

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